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About the Project

The overall purpose of this project was to gather the data necessary to make reccomendations for the improvement of the Latino/a studies department and the Latino community at large at the Ohio State University (tOSU). In order to do so, we set out to accomplish two goals.

The first goal was to analyze Latino/a Studies programs across the U.S. and to then use that data to create a comparison between these schools and the Latino/a Studies program here at the Ohio State University. To do so, we profiled various universities with information presented online. We felt this was the correct approach as we tried to do our work from a student perspective. In this age of such powerful technology, most students turn to the internet to get information over just about anything. Thus, we felt it appropriate to get our information about theses schools' programs from the same source as the everyday student.

Our second goal was to analyze the services provided by tOSU towards Latino students in an attempt to learn more about the experience of Latinos in higher education. To this end, we interviewed multiple people involved in multiple organizations that provide support for both graduate and undergraduate Latino Students. While all university services are open to all students, these programs have a vested interest in helping out the Latino community in campus.

On this site we showcase much of the raw data we have compiled through our research and the conclusions we have created based on this data. Unless otherwise stated, all data shown on this site is current as of March 08, 2006. We invite you to browse throughout the site to see what we encountered during our study and learn more about Latinos in higher education.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the courteous, and sometimes not so courteous, staff at the various universities we profiled for sending us material about their programs. We'd also like to thank all those members of the Ohio State University who so graciously gave of their time for us to interview them and aided our efforts. Also, we'd like to thank 3AM Productions for designing, creating and hosting our site. Thank you all for being here and supporting the work we've done. Enjoy.

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